Top 10 things to do in Poland

Check out our top 10 things to do in Poland ! This central European country is perfect for memorable, varied and surprising tourism.

Indeed, this territory includes several UNESCO World Heritage sites that are worth a visit. Poland will surprise you with its varied landscapes, traditional cuisine, urban architecture and unusual places.

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1. Krakow Market Square

Top 10 things to do in Poland

Also known as "Rynek Główny", this historical center is the largest medieval square in Europe and this is felt during a walk with its typical old European atmosphere.

The square has the majestic Basilica of St. Mary with its two towers, the highest one reaching 80 meters. Don't be surprised if you hear a trumpet playing every hour from its top. This is an old tradition. It is even possible to climb to the top and the interior is also worth a visit.

In the middle of rynek, there is the amazing Sukiennice Cloth Hall, where you can admire local handicrafts such as amber jewelry. In addition, there is a museum upstairs and another one underground.

If you are hungry, it is easy to find a good restaurant that serves local specialties such as bigos or pierogi as we will see later.

2. The Wawel CathedralTop 10 things to do in Poland

Its full name is, get ready, Basilica-Cathedral Saints-Stanislas and Wencesla. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful assets of Poland.

It stands proudly in Krakow on the Wawel Hill with its sumptuous colors, offering a beautiful panorama. In addition to sheltering Polish kings in its crypt, according to the old legend, it is said to hide a dragon in its depths, symbol of the city of Krakow.

The prices for an in-depth visit are attractive. Indeed, the visit of some rooms costs less than 10 zloty (local currency), that is to say a little more than 2 euros.

3. The Auschwitz-Birkenau camp

This infamous concentration camp is an important place for history lovers and especially about the Second World War.

However, a visit to the complex is strongly recommended to everyone for the "duty to remember" and to understand the horrors of war. With emotion, you will understand that the dead still have things to say.

Buses from Krakow will take you there easily. You can take a guided tour or you can visit the city and complex on your own. Count a full day for the tour as the area is vast with many things to see.

4. Wieliczka Salt Mines

Top 10 things to do in Poland

Another place with a rich history. The mining activity ceased a while ago but it became an interesting tourist site with many unusual rooms.

You will enjoy exploring the labyrinthine corridors, the sculptures, the four chapels and the various objects that amaze visitors.

How to get there ? Buses from Krakow serve this place well.

5. Try different pierogi recipes

Pierogi is the national dish. It is a very popular ravioli in Poland. The most famous recipe includes meat. Also try pierogi ruskie with potato and cottage cheese.

These raviolis also have other tasty variations. Try with spinach or even with sugar, especially blueberries.

6. The Great Masurian Lakes region

There are many things to do in this area with more than 2000 lakes : canoeing, bigger boats, fishing, hiking and even simple bike rides... You've got it, it is a question of finding contact with nature.

Many hotels and rentals are available to satisfy you and the easy access by bus or train allows a stress-free getaway.

Don't forget to visit the charming marina Węgorzewo.

7. Hiking in the Tatra Mountains


You have to take a map there because a beautiful hike is waiting for you ! This mountain range located between Poland and Slovakia has a national park containing natural wonders.

Visit the mountain lakes including Morskie Oko. You will also easily come across a waterfall while taking the trails and don't hesitate to eat and drink regularly while enjoying the landscape. This is to be done in winter as well as in summer.

Don't miss the town of Zakopane with its large Krupowki shopping street and its many chalets for rent. A real strategic center to organize your trips. Cover yourself well when it snows and bring good shoes !

8. Stroll on the beach in the north of the country

Gdansk is in the north of Poland on the Baltic Sea coast, a port city that stretches out in a trinity including the cities of Sopot and Gdynia. Not far away is also the Hel peninsula and its touristic village.

The long beaches connect the cities and allow you to go for a walk by the sea to recharge yourself, in addition to swimming. Keep an eye on the weather that can be rainy though !

We also recommend a visit to Sopot pier, which is more than 500 meters long. It is the longest wooden pier in Europe.

9. Palace of Culture and Science

Top 10 things to do in Poland

Located in the capital, Warsaw, this monumental and breathtaking skyscraper has more than 3000 rooms and 42 floors. Standing at about 230 meters, it is the second tallest building in Poland, just before Varso Tower.

Its Soviet architecture is in realistic style. The monument is somehow a gift from Stalin to Poland, then a satellite of the USSR. If you ever get inside, you are immersed in a time that is both distant and not so old.

Note that congresses and cultural events are held in this great building, including the Warsaw Film Festival that takes place every year in October. There are also two museums and bars.

10. Podkarpackie Forests

Want to escape? Try the national park located in the Podkarpackie Mountains in Poland with the Bieszczady Mountains and dense forests.

Nature lovers will find many wooden churches and the rental of a chalet with some authentic charm to stay in the area is something to do.

The fauna is diverse and it is a privileged terrain for animals such as lynx but also brown bears. So don't stray too far from the trails during your walks and stay in a group !


With more than 50 rides and things to do, and some of which being breathtaking, the Energylandia amusement park delights young and older people. It is located in Zator in the south of the country and not far away from Krakow.

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