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By choosing our agency, you save on average 3% of your budget. Use this simulator to see the full details!

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Our offer includes :

- The estimation of your property

We come to your home to estimate your property, we agree on the selling price together to make it as attractive as possible. We will optimize the price as much as possible so that it stands out from the other advertisements. A professional will come to your home to take pictures that will highlight your property.

- Putting your ad online

We wish to offer an efficient service and to distribute your property so that it can be sold quickly. To do this, we are committed to distribute the ad on several online platforms. A file will be given to you with the various links to prove the effectiveness of our work.

- Assistance during visits

Depending on your choice, we can make the visits ourselves when you are away or with you. You know your accommodation better than we do, you have a perfect knowledge of it and we trust you. A filter will be set up to select the best profile.

- Sales management

As soon as an agreement in principle is reached between you and a potential buyer, we will accompany you during the steps for the final signature at the notary's office and the handing over of the keys. A real time follow-up will be available, we want to take care of our customers. It is important for us to have your trust.

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