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In the age of open space and despite the growing success of working remotely, office rental still seems to have a bright future ahead and rightly so.

However, a new option is gradually emerging among the available rental offers: the plug and play office.

Let's discover together what it is, its advantages, the differences with coworking, how to use this interesting service in full expansion and also the pricing.

Note that the kind of service plug and play office in Poland (for example in Warsaw) also exists and that our agency French Estate Poland can guide you if necessary.


What is a plug and play office space ?

As we can easily figure out, basically, the main idea is the speed and simplicity of use of a good or a service.

The plug and play office is a ready-to-use office that is just waiting for a new customer.

It usually includes basic equipment such as desks, chairs, printers, wi-fi but also teleconference equipment and sometimes a kitchenette with drinks and snacks provided.

This is very practical for service jobs that use IT a lot.

What are the advantages of the plug and play office?

There are multiple interesting benefits for businesses:

⦁ Flexible rental, enabled by the fact that basic equipment stays put. No more too often long and laborious moves!

⦁ Basic hardware provided as mentioned above, apart from laptops or desktops with monitors. Ready to use is a real vanishing burden. In addition, you can expect to enjoy then high speed of fiber-optic for the internet;

⦁ The centralization of the material. Effectively, everything is available easily and quickly, or almost. Of course and in principle, the more expensive the rental is, the more you have access to high tech and varied equipment;

⦁ For telecommuters, the provision of a mailbox and a postal address for business is possible;

⦁ 24-hour access is often offered, very convenient for employees on night shift or those who start their work day early!

⦁ A conference room is often made available. A private videocall to make? Important meetings to arrange? Don't bother your colleagues and have access to this secluded room.

What are the differences between a coworking and a plug and play office?

Coworking is generally less expensive than a plug and play office because the facility - often open space - is shared, mostly by freelancers who are also looking for flexibility and a quick setup.

A company with several employees will tend to choose the plug and play option in order to rent an entire office space with a larger surface area, sometimes including separate rooms for confidentiality or to delimit departments.

It is therefore a useful offer for larger companies than self-employment.

How to access a plug and play office service?

The easiest way is to use the Google search engine and type in the search bar "plug and play office + the name of the city you are interested in." Note that this kind of service is mostly offered in large cities for the moment, but the offer should grow in the near future.

If you see that several services are available, compare the offers and choose the most advantageous offer for you.

You should compare the prices of course, but also all the options offered and whether they are relevant to your business. That is to say the total surface, the location, the equipment provided, if food and drinks are included etc.

As we will see later, in order to choose the service that suits you best, it is often necessary and very useful to go through a specialized agency like ours, French Estate Poland.

Pricing for a plug and play office service

The prices differ from one service to another. To give you an idea, for a plug and play office in Warsaw, the prices are very variable.

We can see that the price starts at 600zl/month (about 130 euros) for a small structure of maximum 4 people but the prices can quickly soar depending on the distance from the city center, the modernity of the offices, the type of service offered etc. Some spaces are even dog-friendly!

In general, it should be noted that a plug and play office rental service can accommodate up to 100 people within the structure.

Of course, the more people your business has, the more space you will need in order to have employees in good conditions and efficient teamwork, and the higher the rates will be. Therefore, count 1000-8000 zl per month for renting, or even 34 000 zl/month (about 7500 €) for premium services.

Of course, Warsaw is the capital of Poland so the rates will tend to be higher than elsewhere in the country. If we want to compare with Paris, we can see that Poland remains an attractive country because the French capital offers higher prices. Count about 600 euros per m² of used space!

Why calling a specialized agency like us ?

As mentioned before, our agency French Estate Poland can guide you towards this kind of service. We can offer you a plug and play office in Warsaw in Poland but also elsewhere in this dynamic country, such as Krakow.

Thanks to our experience and our partnerships, we are able to find you the most suitable plug and play office for a personalized offer, according to your needs.

Indeed, our agency ensures the best negotiations, the correct execution of the process from beginning to end and does everything to ensure that the client is satisfied.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Editor's note: in order to write this article, we have been largely inspired by this source.

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