The PESEL number in Poland


How to get a PESEL number in Poland? At birth, every Polish citizen automatically receives a PESEL number (Polish acronym for "Universal Electronic System of Population Registration") which will uniquely identify him/her to the official authorities.

Furthermore, foreigners who meet certain criteria can also obtain a PESEL number. Here, you will find all the useful informations regarding this number, as well as the procedure for obtaining it.


What is the PESEL number?

The PESEL is an eleven-digit number, identifying its holder to the Polish authorities. Obtaining it will record some of your informations in an electronic database from municipal records.

The first six numbers correspond to your date of birth (YYMMDD), the next four numbers are chosen according to your gender (the last of these four digits is even for women and odd for men) and the last number is generated automatically by an algorithm responsible for ensuring the uniqueness of the number.

It should not be confused with the NIP number which is a tax identification number.

What is it for?

During a stay in Poland for several months, you will most likely need this number for various reasons. Indeed, whether it is for administrative needs, for the creation of a company, for access to certain banking services such as credit, for obtaining a telephone number or within the framework of sports and cultural activities, your PESEL number will be part of your daily life.

If you can be hired without a PESEL number, you will need to provide it to your employer so that he can pay your insurance and taxes. Although optional, the PESEL number is in fact almost unavoidable.

Who is eligible?

Poles, from Poland or abroad, are all assigned a PESEL number after birth. This is because blood law applies to Poles.

You can also get one - as a foreigner who is part of the EU - provided you stay in Poland for more than 30 days.

How much does it cost?

The service of issuing the PESEL number to register as a resident is fully paid for and therefore costs you nothing.

How to obtain the PESEL number?

In the past, obtaining the PESEL number required a lot of patience for EU nationals. Nowadays, the process has been greatly simplified to allow better access to this service.

Where to go? If you wish to live in Poland, the best way to obtain a PESEL number is to register your place of residence (zameldowanie), either temporarily or permanently, with the City Council Agency (urząd miasta). You will then be given a PESEL number.

In the process of obtaining the PESEL number, here is what you need to prepare and show:

  • A valid ID (photocopies can be made on site);
  • A proof of domicile in Polish (lease agreement or property deed). BEWARE! the lease must imperatively be signed by the owner of the property where you reside.

A registration form must then be filled out (you can find it on www.gov.pl or directly at urząd miasta). This form is available in Polish and English.

The waiting time is very short. Your application will be officially and instantly accepted by the official in charge of your case.

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