How to do home staging?

How to do home staging, that is enhancing the value of your property to sell it quickly or to rent it as soon as possible?

home staging

Enhancing the value of a property is about staging techniques in a house or an apartment in order to motivate tenants or potential buyers to choose our property, thanks to the "I have a crush" effect.

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Beautiful pictures

In some ads, we sometimes find that the pictures are in poor quality. This is a serious mistake! Potential visitors must want to see your property with their own eyes by enticing and motivating them to book an appointment for a visit.

Enhancement really starts here. Make sure you have a good camera (a cell phone probably won't make it) and in the settings, set the resolution at maximum, at least in Full HD. Illuminate the rooms well and don't hesitate to take the place from several angles. More detailed tips are available here.

In order to give you another perspective of your property and to better realize the necessary changes, you can use 3D modeling. The Matterport software suits us very well, thanks to its simple use.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can always hire a professional photographer who will really highlight your property with an expert eye.

Our agency, French Estate Poland, strongly advises to buy the useful book "Digital Photography for Dummies", available on Amazon here.

Clean home

home staging

This may seem obvious and yet, some owners do not make enough effort there! Among the solutions of real estate valorization, this one is also indispensable.

The facade of your property is important, especially when estimating its value with a real estate agency. A dull and dirty-looking building will obviously be less well valued than a well-maintained or even richly ornamented building.

Note that often, a potential tenant or potentiel buyer  will quickly know if the property visited corresponds to their expectations by projecting themselves into it. Renting or selling depends on the "wow" effect and as in the field of communication during a first meeting, the first impression is crucial. It is therefore necessary to avoid any faux pas as soon as the visitor enters.

Within your home, no cobwebs, dust and dirt should be seen. It must even be resplendent, things must shine! To help you in your task, ecological products such as baking soda to clean thoroughly will be a wise choice. Avoid certain "chemical" household products that can be unpleasantly nasty for the nose.

Neutral furniture

A furnished property is ideal for students or young workers on a modest budget. You offer a not inconsiderable practical side which is an advantage.

Enhancing the value of your property with beautiful furniture is therefore relevant, depending on the standing you wish to offer. However, avoid projecting your own tastes because they are not universal and may perhaps not convince some people.

White walls already help in a concern of neutrality and to give the impression that the surface of the property is larger, if you do not wish to take risks. Then choose mostly furniture with a good price/quality ratio and not too much design. Ikea furniture seems to be the best choice around.

The layout of the furniture also counts and you will have to arrange your interior well. Learn the essential principles of feng shui, to give the impression that energy flows well in the place. Read this useful article about how to improve the living room. Even if you don't believe in this kind of thing, there is a big difference between a clean, bright, warm and uncluttered place and its exact opposite.

Don't overdo it on the decoration either. A simple vase and a contemporary painting with little or no connotation will be more than enough.

Plants and flowers are unfortunately too often forgotten. However, they can brighten up the visits and make a good effect! A small palm tree can be interesting in an often sunny city, while a ficus is original everywhere. Talking about flowers, begonias are often appreciated.


During a visit, it is important to show that your property is functional and ready to use. Consequently, it is important to reassure the potential buyer by showing that there is little or no work to be done. A dilapidated property can be frightening, and rightly so.

In order to let a person project oneself in it, repair if possible the squeaky doors, fill in the holes, seal the breaches, put a uniform color preferably in each room unless you want to show a beautiful wall with exposed bricks for style.

Of course, this is even more important for a tenant who normally has to move out quickly and must feel comfortable and at home quickly.

Good brightness

This is one of the methods too often forgotten. Correct brightness can make a huge difference in the perception of your property and encourage renting or buying.

If it is well oriented with many light entry points or bay windows, then you shouldn't worry too much except during the cold seasons.

As seen above, white-painted walls not only give the impression of offering more space for little money, but they also help to brighten up the rooms.

When it comes to lamps, some are more powerful than others and you will have to place them in the right places to distribute the light well. This is especially important if one of your rooms is a major asset. Be careful not to choose models with exotic bulbs. The prospect must be able to easily change them if necessary!

home staging

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