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French Estate PolandWelcome to French Estate Poland, the first 100% digital French-Polish agency. Feel free to have a look at our formulas and for more information, contact us. Enjoy reading!

Investing in Poland: the lack of information

Despite many French-speaking sites online, the most valuables informations were on Polish websites. Many answers and no one dared to make the leap. "Why?" you would ask yourself but there were many reasons: language barrier, lack of time, fear of being scammed, investing abroad, wondering how to get a bank loan... The list is long and not exhaustive.

By working on the subject, we've managed to break those barriers for investors: we have built a network of professionals whom will support you in your way to invest in Poland as French and English speakers. But we have decided to go further, to offer our services to everyone: English, French, Polish, Italian, German people...

You are invited to contact us to discuss your projects and find solutions adapted to your needs with REAL professionals.

The price, the advantage of French Estate Poland

Our main asset is the fixed price of our services. Indeed, we wanted to simplify one thing, the tariff. No matter the price of the property for sale, it will be fixed.

Why a fixed price? The real estate market was established for several years and needed an innovative idea, in addition to being totally digital, we do not have premises, we wanted to offer prices defying all competition.

We don't have the cost of renting of a business place every month, which allows us to offer a business model like this one.

Other values of French Estate Poland

Furthermore, French Estate Poland has been built around several important values.

A company on a human scale

French Estate Poland

What does that mean exactly? We would like to talk with you about this point which is precious to us in the French Estate Poland team. This first value is addressed to you. Behind this article, there is a team available to help you in your steps. We all know each other.

The only hierarchy present in our team is the name of our respective positions.

Our communication and exchanges are all done together. We must not think that this can influence our work. On the contrary, communicating together is essential for the success and efficiency of the projects we manage together and to provide you the service that you deserve.

When a team member is in difficulty or needs help with a task, we all volunteer to help. This is a valuable and powerful value within French Estate Poland.


French Estate Poland

Our second value is availability in our work. We know that it is important for everyone who uses our services to get back quickly. Therefore, the French Estate Poland team has set up a modern communication system that is accessible to everyone.

We use compatible softwares on computer, tablet and smartphone to communicate with each of you. This allows us to have a better organization and to be able to manage a file with several people in case of lack of time. Each file is monitored by the whole team to ensure the best service.

It also allows us to have access to our data every time we travel, regardless of the geographical location. We use today's technology to make our work more productive and enjoyable.

Every day, our members are looking for solutions to improve the quality of our services for the pleasure of the customer. We want to make your tasks easier.

The turnkey

French Estate Poland

Our third value is our turnkey solution. Many companies use these words to attract you. We don't really like to use this expression but our services come very close to it.

We offer a service "Investing in Poland" and in this one, we explain that it is intended to make your work easier.

Investing is already a big word for some people but when we talk about investing abroad, it can be scary. That's why we would like to take full responsibility for your project.

All what you will have to do is to sign at the bank, at the notary's office and the quotations according to your case.

Another service is concerned with the "turnkey", it is the assistance in renting. It is very simple, if you are planning to move to Poland after a positive job interview or for other reasons. Then our service will be very useful for you.

We organize the trips, visits and take care of the documents to be provided for the signing of the lease. We even offer to go to the airport or railway station to give you the keys in person.

Modernizing an aging sector

French Estate Poland

Finally, our last value is modernization. We want to be a company that will modernize the real estate sector.

Now that we are in the age of the all-connected, we wanted to mix the two. Technology and real estate. For example, we use 3D modeling for virtual visit.

Why are we doing that? Real estate agencies operate on a commission basis, which means that they take between 1 and 5% of the sales price. You might think that this is nothing but, in the end, it represents a lot on the sale of an apartment for you.

We wanted to propose a pricing system that would be in line with our services, a fixed amount, whatever the selling price may be. It's a trend that is starting to modernize in other countries. Finding the idea great, we decided to create something similar but better.

We use technologies that allow us to correctly estimate the value of an apartment or a house. We call on other professionals to improve the quality of our services and offer you the best.


In fact, we decided to launch French Estate Poland to help people we know compare French and Polish real estate. The opinions were simple: everyone found Polish taxation interesting enough to invest there.

However, several unanswered questions were asked and it was our role to answer them. Thus, we enabled investors to come here and invest in Poland.

Any question about living or investing in Poland ? Contact us.

Ready to Invest ?

Use our price simulator and present us your project. We will find the right property for you, here in Poland.
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