Frequently Asked Questions

I live somewhere else, how can I finance my project abroad?

After a first meeting when we discuss your project for French and Polish people, we will put you in touch with our financial partner to study the feasibility of your loan.

For other countries, we invite you to contact your bank to study the feasibility of your project to invest in Poland.

I live in Poland and I want to invest in my main residence or for a rental investment, how can I do it?

Contact us quickly, and we will talk about your project together. The first contact is made through this email address:

Why should I use your services?

Using our services allows you to concentrate on other projects without the stress of managing everything. We are here to help you, our mission is to make your transactions as transparent as possible.

We offer an easy-to-access solution by managing your project ourselves. We are surrounded by competent professionals with many years of experience.

Are your rates really fixed?

This is the business model of this company. No hidden fees, we offer fixed rates for all our services.

Of course, there are some conditions but they are explained in the contracts and by contacting us via email.

Your company is interesting and I would like to work with you, is it possible?

We are looking for interesting collaborations with everyone, we want to grow and offer possibly the best services to our customers.

If you think you have an interesting idea, do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you also speak French and Polish ? Join our team at Krakow or elsewhere in Poland as an independent real estate agent!

What happens in the event of a non-paying tenant?

In case of a dispute with the tenant, we will react quickly to reach an amicable settlement. Otherwise, we will provide the file to our lawyer to start legal proceedings.

What happens if the tenant leaves?

In case of departure before the end of the lease, we ask the tenant to find someone to replace him. Furthermore, we start searching too. One month's notice is required. Of course, searches are free of charge.

However, by experience, even in off-peak periods, there is always demand. That's why we carefully search for properties with an advantageous location.

What happens in case of a rental vacation?

We try to offer you properties for interesting rental investment to limit this kind of problems. Before investing, we recommend all our customers to have between 6 months and 1 year of rent in savings to anticipate problems.

We recommend that you put part of your money earned monthly from your investment to anticipate as well. Several solutions are possible. Of course, we will actively look for tenants.

I've spoken about you to people around me and they're interested, are you proposing a sponsorship system?

We propose a sponsorship system, to know more about it. Please contact us. We will get in touch with you to discuss it further.

Shall we start your project?

Our on-site real estate broker will take care of everything for you!

You can't find an answer?

Ask your question here...

Ready to Invest ?

Use our price simulator and present us your project. We will find the right property for you, here in Poland.
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