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French Estate Poland is the 1st online French-Polish real estate agency that helps you sell or buy your apartment at the best price.
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To get started, we set up an appointment together in Krakow, or by videoconference if you are investing from abroad. We discuss your project together to get a clear idea of your expectations. It is possible to contact us for a project in several months.

Once your file is completed, we register your informations in our database in order to contact you and offer you apartments according to your criteria.

As soon as your project becomes a reality, we will start searching for a good investment in Poland. It can take several weeks, but we assure that we will do our best to find your property quickly.


Together, we study the desired location, we define your budget, all expenses included, and we organize all your appointments (bank, notary, apartment visits, workmen, accountant, etc.).

We also take care of the works. Only one person takes care of your file. One project - one intermediary.

Your role? Signing the documents to authorize us to manage your project.


We are located in Krakow. But if you want to invest in Poland from another country, you should know that it is possible. In France, you will be put in touch with our financial partner to study your application for a mortgage if it is necessary.

We are also beholden to accompany people in Poland for important appointments during the necessary steps to acquire the property.

For foreigners wishing to invest from Poland, our qualified translators will help you in some exchanges between the bank and the notary.

Ready to Invest ?

Use our price simulator and present us your project. We will find the right property for you, here in Poland.
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