The 7 best Polish dishes

What are the best Polish dishes? The real Polish recipes give delicious and tasty typical dishes.

It is a simple and generous cuisine that you should try if you are visiting Poland, or if you are simply curious and want to cook something a little different at home and often easy to prepare.

Now let's take a look at all these delicacies!

What do Polish people eat?

Polish culture is actually quite rich and offers many dishes that will surprise you.

Those who come from a Polish family probably already know the joys of good food cooked by grandparents, while the others probably don't know what they are exactly about.

Potatoes are very popular, as well as cabbage and some kind of ravioli as we will see later.

On the meat side, beef and pork are not to be outdone especially if we are talking about kiełbasa (sausage). The charcuterie is worth a try and the various fish come to delight the taste buds.

Polish people are also proud of ogórek, which are huge pickles!

Don't forget to go to a Polish market every now and then.

What is Poles' favorite dish?

It's hard to say. Pierogis (ravioli) are so deeply rooted in this culture that it is not easy to ignore them. Although there are Poles who do not like it.

However, potato dishes are often highly appreciated and so is bigos.

Which Polish dish to choose?

As we have seen above, there is something to delight different gourmets with the many meats, fish, ravioli...

Moreover, wine culture is starting to make progress in Poland. There is enough to accompany these dishes with good wines. There is even wine cooked with honey!

As you can see, this depends on your habits, your openness but also your personal taste in food.

What are the best Polish dishes?

Here is our selection of the best Polish gastronomic specialties!


The national dish, without a doubt! Pierogi is a ravioli as seen above and with different fillings.

You can find them filled with meat, potato and cottage cheese (pierogi ruskie) but also with spinach, mushrooms or even blueberry.

Of course, avoid the ones from the supermarket for a first experience. Instead, choose a traditional Polish restaurant or, even better, a home-made one.

Here is the recipe for pierogi ruskie.


You can't miss this preparation either! It consists of cabbage (a bit like sauerkraut), beef, ham, onions, tomato and mushrooms.

In a restaurant, it is not uncommon to eat it in a bread - of course edible - bowl.


This is reminiscent of pierogi but without the filling. In fact, it is closer to the Italian gnocchi. Typical kluski is made of flour, mashed potatoes, eggs and is served with several pieces in a mushroom sauce or in a soup.


Borscht (or barszcz) is a very healthy soup. Indeed, it is initially based on raw beetroot, other vegetables such as carrot, tomato, onion ...

It is rather vegetarian but you can also eat it with meat.


Also known as "barszcz biały" or white borscht, this slightly sour soup contains fermented grain, ham and a hard-boiled egg.

This is very common in Poland.


Gołąbki is actually cabbage stuffed with meat, typically pork or beef, chopped onions and rice or barley.

Again, something to feast on!

Karp smażony

Image source

This is simply fried carp with breadcrumbs. This dish is very popular in Poland on Christmas Eve. So don't be surprised if you are served it at that time, it's completely normal.

Note that this carp can also be served roasted or in jelly.



Sernik is in fact a cheesecake, more or less sweetened according to the preparation and sometimes decorated with fruits.

This Polish pastry is to be tried by buying it in a famous "cukierna" in Poland. It's quite a nice dessert if you still have room! Although Poles often eat it alone at tea time with grandma.



This is simply gingerbread but with icing and filling with jam, please!

Another delicious cake to enjoy with a hot tea, especially in winter.


This is a snack that young Poles love in the evening when they go out. It's like a long slice of bread covered with various ingredients of your choice but typically: cheese, mushrooms and vegetables. We can say that it is a kind of Polish pizza!


Here is a smoked cheese from the Tatra mountains that is surprising! Especially since this little delicacy made of sheep and cow milk is typically eaten hot and with cranberry jam.


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