3D modeling in the real estate business

3D modeling is now essential in many businesses, including real estate and for good reasons such as virtual tour.

Still unknown for many people, let's see together what it is, its interest but also the best software according to our real estate agency, French Estate Poland.

What is 3D modeling?

Also called "three-dimensional (3D) modeling", the correct definition of this concept is the following: it is the process of creating computer-generated images of fictitious or existing things for various hobbies and applications.

This is done with specialized software. Several solutions exist like Matterport, Nodalview etc.

Before solutions like Matterport made 3D shooting easier, photographers would take multiple photos with a hybrid or SLR and on a computer or Mac installed software like Virtual Tour Pro from 3DVista. They would make a montage.

Today, this method is over, our applications installed in our smartphones are able to perform the editing for us via an AI (artificial intelligence).

3D modeling, why?

This process of creation in computer graphics is obviously well known in the video game and film world, especially in the animation world like with Pixar. There are many professionals mastering different tools in this field.

In the business we are interested in here, real estate, this digital technology allows to model the interior and exterior of properties for rent or sale.

They are reproduced very faithfully to allow a 360° virtual visit, so that a potential tenant/buyer can project himself before a real visit.

This is especially useful in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, when not everyone can move around so easily and especially to go abroad.

What is the best 3D modeling software for real estate?

At our agency French Estate Poland, specializing in real estate in Poland, we particularly like to use Matterport - available on iPhone and Android devices - with its advantages such as its simple use and quick and easy integration via a link on listing sites.

To give you an idea, see what this app is capable of with this Youtube video:

One of our projects was the realization of a virtual tour of a palace with a surface of 1280m². You can find it below:

You get it, you can model an apartment or other and get a feel for the layout, architecture etc. from photos.

The rendering is very immersive and better than photorealism, since the sources for modeling are your own shots of the home.

So you can impress your clients by showing them an essential room like the bedroom, furniture and more.

Often, our clients imagine that it is a photorealism, images with a 3D rendering but on the contrary! What you see in our virtual tours is exactly what is in the scanned properties.


With Matterport, a truly comprehensive solution, several features are offered. Here are some of them:

-Dollhouse: a view from the sky allowing you to see the property as if it were a dollhouse. Very handy for observing the layout.

-Measurements: with an accuracy of a few millimeters. It is possible to take multiple measurements on the 3D plane. That's useful to calculate the surface area.

-2D plan: thanks to the "Measurements" feature, it is possible to generate a 2D plan in black and white. No measurements were made with a lasermeter. The 2D plan is entirely created from the 3D plan.

-Mattertags: allows the addition of description and links in a room. Very useful for a hotel or museum that want to add tags on each artwork or room to identify them.

-Guided tour: Matterport also allows for scheduling a guided tour. We press play and we are guided. Visit the property silently and remotely.

-VR headset: Matterport is compatible with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard or Oculus Quest 2.

Besides, Matterport is also very good in home staging.

The tools you need

Are you interested in creating a virtual tour and wondering how to make one? It's both complex and simple.

Many cameras are compatible with the Matterport solution. The least expensive is your smartphone, beware, only compatible with Apple iPhones for now.

If you have the budget, we recommend two cameras. A 360 camera with 2 wide angle lenses of 180 degrees and the Matterport Camera Pro 2. Be careful, we are in consequent budgets. Count 1000EUR for the Ricoh Theta V, the 360 degree camera and about 3000EUR for the Matterport Camera Pro 2.

Eager to get a quality camera for your 3D modeling? Check out our selection on Amazon:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max available here.
  • Insta360 One findable here.
  • Ricoh Theta V on sale here.


It is interesting to note that since we started using virtual visits, 80% of our buyers have validated our visits and triggered a real visit!

And that's not all, on the Matterport website, they give a few more statistics. 95% of people would be more likely to call for properties with a 3D virtual visit or 55% of buyers would buy a property without actually seeing it.

As you can see, the virtual tour boosts real estate listings and makes it easier for a tenant or buyer to visit properties after a first virtual tour.

And that's not all... Virtual tours can also be used by professionals to virtualise office spaces, hotels or restaurants. The possibilities are great if we think about it.


Matterport, which we recommend, works with a subscription system. In addition to having to get a good quality camera, you also have to purchase a subscription.

The prices vary but there is a trial version. Obviously, the more you pay (up to 275 euros/month), the more you have access to interesting options such as managing multiple active spaces and user accounts.

Do you have a project to virtualize your property? We are active in Krakow and Warsaw. Contact us to submit your project and let's make an appointment together!

Our company aims to help you in your search and facilitate the realization of your project. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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